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ydde (atelier eddy blondé) is a creative hub in the middle of the rising widows of Boechout - a small village only 16 km away from exciting Antwerp. It’s a rare domain, once entered, you take an escape from the ordinary. It’s a full concept created by eddy blondé with several exciting spaces to hire. You probably know eddy as a art and vintage collector for years or as the idiosyncratic optician with the remarkable store in the Nationalestraat, Antwerp. Since he’s retired from the optic world, eddy was looking for a new exciting chapter in his life. 

From the little bakery till the atelier, every space is a world. Created and refined in the smalest details. Play the little eye spy game to discover a bits and pieces from this exciting place.


.. for a special place for fotoshoots, meetings, presentations, a showroom or a place to stay? You’ll find it here!

The atelier (exposition location) can be hired per day, with a maximum of 3 days in a row. You can book your stay at ‘The little bakery’ for a minimum of 2 days to escape the ordinary.


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en blijf op de hoogte van onze evenementen!